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Times are changing in healthcare but one thing is not, our commitment to providing quality care to the women of Medina County and the surrounding area in the community that they live. To be able to continue to provide obstetrical care to our patients at the hospital they desire, our physicians have elected to terminate their employment contract with Summa Physicians Incorporated as of January 1, 2016. We are fortunate to be able to partner with an independent physician group, Community Healthcare to be able to allow our patients access to the facility of their choosing. Community Health is contracted with all the major private insurance carriers and this WILL NOT AFFECT your access to your physicians in most situations.

Dr. Anita Bellante, Dr. Meghan Foote, and Dr. Steven Gaich will continue to carry on the tradition of high quality individualized care for women of all ages as they have since moving to the Medina area in 2004. In June of this year, Dr. Shannon Ross’s husband, Keith, a United States Coast Guard Captain, was re-assigned to San Diego, CA. His original orders had him protecting the United States’ interests in the Pacific Ocean for up to three months at a time. During that time he was deployed, Dr. Ross was planning on returning to Ohio to continue her practice and then return to California when Keith was in port. This was the case in April and May when Dr. Ross was gone for a brief period of time and then returned in
July to Ohio to practice. However, the government has changed his orders and Dr. Ross will be relocating to San Diego on a permanent basis. We are hopeful that once Keith is done with service to his country they will find their way back home to their family and friends.

Our office location in Medina will be moving to the Western Reserve building (corner of 18 and Foote Rd). The new address will be Suite 3985 Medina Road 200.

Our phone number will also likely be changing and we will post that here in the next few weeks so that you can begin scheduling appointments for after Jan. 1, 2016. Through Dec. 31 you should be able to see your doctor by calling the current phone number.

Q: Can I still deliver at Medina Hospital?
A: YES. The Cleveland Clinic and the administration of Medina Hospital have always supported our physicians regardless of their affiliation. Being able to allow our patients to choose where they want to deliver was the primary reason the physicians have elected to go back into independent private practice.

Q: If I want my surgery done in the Medina Surgery Center located in the Summa building can I still have it done there?
A: YES. Leaving employment with Summa Physicians Incorporated DOES NOT affect our doctors’ hospital privileges. The Medina Surgery Center is an independent entity which is Summa Health is only a minority investor in. The doctors will also continue to have privileges at Akron City Hospital and Barberton Hospital. They have no plans at this point to join the medical staff at Akron General Medical Center.

Q: Will the Wadsworth office also change?
A: Yes. We will not be seeing patients out of the office located at Summa’s Wadsworth facility. Community Health is constructing a new office in Wadsworth. That office should be open by the summer of 2016.

Q: If I have SummaCare insurance will I still be able to see my doctor?
A: Our doctors are currently members of the Summa ACO (accountable care organization) and we fully intend to continue our participation in SummaCare as we partner with Community Healthcare. Dr. Rodney Ison, the president of Community Healthcare, is the also the president of the Summa ACO and we intend to continue our involvement with both SummaCare and the ACO.

Q: Will my medical records stay with my doctor?
A: No. The medical record is property of Summa Health, this includes the medical records from Dr. Ross’s private practice in Ashland and those that were originally created by Dr. Gaich and Bellante when they were created Medina OB/GYN Associates. You have a right to have a copy of your medical record sent to our new entity Medina OB/GYN Physicians.

Q: Will the phone number stay the same?
A: We currently don’t know. The 330-723-6060, which has been the phone number that patients have used for over 20 years to obtain their care in Medina County dating back to Dr. Pap and Garner, is currently the property of Summa Health. They would have to release that number back to our group. We will update this site as soon as we know.

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